I'm under 18, can I still buy a premade store?

You must 18+ in order to run your shopify store, if under 18 a parent or guardian must run it for you.

Do you make custom stores / flyers?

Yes, click under "Full Branding Packages" or "Custom flyers, logos, & banners".

 What’s drop shipping?

Drop shipping is when a vendor fulfills orders from a third party and has them ship directly to the customer. In other words, a customer places a order on your site. You then place that order on your suppliers site. Then your supplier ships that order to your customer!

Does the vendor come already synced with the premade store?

Yes, the vendor will already be synced for you after purchase.

Are the vendors verified? 

Yes, we have verified the vendors and have used them ourselves. 

How many vendors come with the premade stores?

Only one vendor comes synced with each premade store, you can add however many vendors you'd like after purchase. 

Do I have to order samples even though I'm drop shipping? 

Yes, you should always order some type of samples to create content in. Stock photos can only take you so far! We can send a FREE sample AFTER purchasing a premade store. By request only! Stores on sale not included !

Does the vendor have branding like logos and packaging?

Yes, certain premade stores have this as a option. Send me a chat asking if the store you want has branding. 

How long does shipping take for the vendors?

USA: 5-7 day shipping 

Overseas: 7-14 day shipping 

Can I add more items to my premade store?

Yes, after purchase you can add more items to your store. The premade store only comes with 8 items synced. 

What all comes with a premade drop shipping store? 

-1 text based Logo

-2 editable website banners

-1 Vendor / 8 items synced

-17 page pdf packed with helpful videos, links & resources on how to run your store, & what to do after buying your store.

How do I make sales with my premade Drop shipping store?

You have to market your store. Whatever social media platform you choose. We do not market for you, however our Ambassador Program Template E-book is 50% off to you after buying a premade store. The discount code is sent after purchase. That’s how I made 14k Drop shipping by having a ambassador program. We also give you a FREE guide with your store on how to market it.

What if I already have a Shopify store and need help adding products?

Message us by hitting the chat button so we can assist, everything will be wiped out! Checkout our "Full Branding Packages" Tab! It'll be a shopify revamp. We only use Shopify

Does the Drop shipping boutique vendors offer samples? 

Yes, after purchase you can get the vendors info to order samples. 

What hours do you respond back?

We typically respond back instantly, if we do not respond back asap do allow 24hrs for us to respond. 

My vendors list link doesn’t work? 

If this happens do send us a chat using the “chat with us” button on the bottom right and we’ll send a updated link. This does happen at times, products go out of stock or vendors stop selling certain products. We’ll send you a updated product link instead. 

What’s needed before buying a premade store?

You should definitely get a sellers permit before selling. Google what’s required to sell online in your state to be sure your all squared away.  

Should I get a LLC when I get my premade store? 

No, I wouldn't suggest getting a LLC until after you see consistent sales and you know fasure you’re going to keep your store. 

If I already have a domain can I transfer it over to your premade store?

We do not transfer domains, you can try yourself but we are not responsible if it doesn't work. 

How do I receive the premade store, and how long after buying it will I receive it?

The email you have on file when you bought the premade store is the email we will write you to verify if that's the one where the premade store will be sent to within 5-7 business days not including weekends or holidays. Usually we send stores within 24-72hrs, however just in case if Shopify goes down or Canva, or if I have emergency which I've had before. Like my baby being sick there may be a delay. That's why we say 5-7 business days. You'll have to log into shopify, select a plan which the prices may vary VIEW SHOPIFY PLANS HERE TO BE AWARE

Do you make logos?

Logos only come with premade stores or with our full branding packages.

I never received my store and was refunded why? 

If a order comes up as high risk or fraud and you do not confirm your identity or reply back to our email or text you'll be refunded. We usually give you 72hrs to respond back. If you do not respond back you'll be refunded. 

How do I get paid from my premade store when I get orders?

You'll have to add your form of payment to Shopify after we transfer the store over in order to get paid for your orders. You'll be sent instructions on how to do that.

Do I get to keep 100% of the profits I make from my premade store?

Absolutely, any sales you make are 100% yours. We do not take any commission. You get to keep all the profits. The only time you'll have to use money is when you get a sale, you then use that  money to place a order on your vendors site. You keep the profits after that. 

Once I get a order / sale on my premade store how do I place the order? 

Once you get a order on Shopify, you'll then have to go to your app store under your vendor, then place that order on your vendors website. Your vendor will blind ship the item to your customer. Instructions are attached in your "Learn your store" guide. 

Where are you located? 

Our business Angels Who Hustle is ran in North Carolina. 

Can I change the domain name? 

Yes. you can change the domain name after purchase. There usually is a fee to change domain with Shopify. We cannot transfer domains nor do we change the domain for you. This is also linked in the learn your store guide. 

What type of hair comes with the premade hair stores? 

Brazilian human hair, bundles, wigs, blonde etc braid wigs your choice just let us know what you prefer!

Are the premade hair stores wigs pre-plucked? 

Some are some aren't, you may have to pluck some. Some vendors do have pre-plucked wigs. 

Can I edit the store & banners after purchase?

Yes, you can edit the premade store in Shopify, website banners & logo are templates you can edit in Canva. You will need a canva account! You can edit them, then send us a screenshot of them changed. We can go back in canva and change them for you. We also can upload them back to your store. One time revision only. 

What sizes do the clothes come in with the premade store?

S-L some XL some plus size, message us to verify!

Do I need to open a business account and get my LLC before purchasing a premade store?

No, it's not required to buy a premade store from us. You can get your legal information later on. Some helpful tips step by step are included when you buy a premade store from us. 

Do I need to pay a monthly fee for the store or vendor?

Yes, Shopify charges $39.99 a month to use their platform if you buy a premade site through me. Once store is sent you must log in & select a plan. However, If you make a brand new shopify account on your own and grab the plan for $1 a month for 3 months through my special link only I can log in and build your store. Must be a fresh new store, signed up via my shopify link (ask for link) no items synced, cannot be messed with. Shopify plan prices are subject to change.

Is your ambassador program template only for clothes? 

No, It's more of so for any business who struggles with getting sales.

What if you already have a Shopify account and nothing is listed? Will we just have to make a new account? 

We can still work on your store, everything will be wiped out. Checkout our  "Full Branding Package" tab. 

Can we use Alibaba as the vendor? 

No, we do not use alibaba.

When are stores restocked? 

Usually within 7 days depending on how many stores are out of stocked, our how many request we have. See a store you'd like out of stock? Message us ASAP so we can restock it. Premade Baddie Boutiques sell fast!

Are each premade stores made different? 

For the most part, since there premade all stores will be uploaded with the same templates. Banners & logos, however the logo and store domain name will be different since we cannot make a premade store with the same domain names, You can brand the templates in canva by changing the fonts, colors, pics etc If you'd like a fresh store no one has had do check out our full branding package tab. 

The email I sent you is my personal email, should I use my business email instead? 

The email you want to use is up to you, just know it's the email your store will be sent to and the email that will be used for you to log into shopify.